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The Studio Kit (2 Boards + 2 Brackets + White Backdrop)

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$149.00 USD

Two Magnetic Board + Two Brackets + Full White Backdrop

Take quality photos with our full studio. This kit includes two magnetic boards, two brackets and a full white backdrop. This is the perfect starter kit for stunning, quality shots. Instantly boost your photos with this photography backdrop studio that's created for product-sellers, recipe developers, food bloggers, photographers and creators. Our studio is easy to use with a 3-step setup and super efficient. 

This is a magnetic photo stand effectively designed to hold our backdrops in place. If you are looking for conveniece then this kit is for you.

This Studio is:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Does not require extra equipment like clips, poles and pegs

Take professional looking photos without the professional cost. No photo experience required.

*Free 14-day returns, no questions asked. We want you to be satisfied.

    Watch how easy it is!

    • "It's super easy to use"

      With only a three-step setup process, you can assemble in seconds and get the shot in minutes.

    • "I didn't need experience"

      All you need is the will + a camera. Our backdrops are your playground, despite you having any photography or styling experience. You have creative control, so you should have fun with it.

    • "My photos look so much better"

      We are visuals beings and consider images first before taking any action. Our products gives you the confidence to visually help tell your story.