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Game-changing Magnetic Backdrops

After struggling with so many types of backdrops, we figured we would just create our own - one was that was easy enough for the average person. Your product photos are very important thanks to social media. But don't worry, we've built a way for you to capture your photos without the hassle of bulky equipment, heavy materials and extremely complicated and time-consuming setup processes. Our magnetic backdrops are effortless, but also effective. We've combined our skills of engineering and food, to produce a product that will have you saying "where has this been all my life". Our magnetic mini studio is our first launched product. We have a mission to continue innovating product-solutions for the product-photography industry.

The Product

What Are You Purchasing?

The Assembly

Our setup process is under a minute. We made things efficient so that you'll spend less time on the process and more time on capturing the perfect shot.

The Investment

Look, if you know nothing about backdrops, try us out. If you know everything about backdrops, try us out. Our products are stain-resistant, lightweight, durable, convenient to store and portable